1-2-1 Photography tuition

Emotive Capture Photography Training North West
(Photography training, brought to you by Emma Holt BA(Hons)

Do you want to explore the art of photography? The creative explosion and connection between the photographer and the subject matter? Need inspiration…

Would you like to move on from automatic settings and learn more about composition and how natural light can bring a view to life? How altering the shutter speed and aperture can bring a new dimension to your photographs, helping to bring your own creativity to your finished images…

Emma Holt now provides inspirational 1-2-1 photography tuition. This is on location, near to where you live or further afield (subject to travel costs). Locations in the past have been; Cumbria-Lakes, North wales, Anglesey, Yorkshire and Scotland.
Having gained a 1st class BA (Hons) in photography and also holding several exhibitions including; South Africa, London, Leeds, Lancashire, Lancaster and Ormskirk. Emma is fast becoming the North’s leading female fine-Art Landscape Photographer, her work is extremely well known for being emotive and atmospheric…. Emma has a creative energy that will help to inspire you and bring an understanding of connection between photographer and subject matter.

Having taught workshops and many 1-2-1 photography tuition, you can be sure of a fun and inspirational lesson… It doesn’t matter how little you know about photography, a complete beginner is more than welcome to join Emma on location. Equally it really doesn’t matter what Camera/kit you have, although a basic DSLR is perfect! Please advise on Camera/kit type in your initial email/ phone call.

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