1-2-1 Photography tuition

1-1 Photography Tuition

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Lesson Information.

-After assessing your level of knowledge, through phone calls and emails, A lesson is then tailored to individually suit you.

-The lesson will start at a mutual meeting place.

-Depending on your level of photography knowledge, will depend on what area of photography Emma will teach you. The basics could include; Composition (rule of thirds) Natural light (how to bring your view alive) the importance of using a tripod, Aperture/ shutter priority. Of course this list can go on…It all depends on the student and Camera equipment/kit. An advance lesson may include; shooting in raw, creative composition, making a connection, Shutter speed and aperture. Students are encouraged to follow Emma’s mantra; look, connect, compose, capture and create.

- Generally if you have chosen to have a four hour slot, you will be taken to a couple of different locations, although even one location can sometimes provide ample scope for a variety of photography opportunities…The lesson is never rushed! Students are encouraged to take their time and to make a connection between themselves and their subject matter…

-The lessons are extremely informal and very relaxed with the emphasis on ‘the enjoyment of Photography’. Students are encouraged to creatively engage with their surroundings but most importantly to have fun! It’s perfect if a Student can just take one perfectly exposed and well composed image at the end of the lesson!

-A break is generally taken for lunch, if you have booked three hours or a days tuition, however, this really does depend on the individual and where the location of the lesson is…every lesson is tailored made to suit the individual.

- All Students are provided with reading material, to take away with them, usually covering the aspects of photography; you have been taught during your lesson.

Lessons start from a minimum two hour slot. ( - travel costs may need to be added, if travelling further afield).
-2 hours 1-1 tuition = £50.00
-3 hours 1-1 tuition= £75.00
-Days workshop/ 1-1 tuition= £100.00

[b] Please note;

(Travelling to different locations is included and is part of your paid hourly lesson plan, this may result in slightly less practical time).

**it is impossible in a couple of hours to understand all aspects of photography; students are encouraged to read the literature that is provided for them. Further tuition may be needed, depending on the individual and how far they wish to take their photography.**

**Students are advised to wear suitable warm/waterproof clothing, including a good pair of walking boots/footwear. These lessons are on location; often the weather can be unpredictable, especially during autumn/ winter. Students are also advised to bring a drink with them. Please also inform Emma, if you have any difficulty walking far, climbing steps etc… All effort is made to find locations that are easy to access although most locations do require some walking. This enables the student to get the best out of the lesson and the location**

**Lessons can also be blocked booked and delivered over the course of several weeks.
Gift vouchers are also available to buy, perfect if you are looking to buy a loved one something a little different!

**Students can also bring a friend to accompany them, but please be aware; they would need to be charged if they require teaching.
For further information please email; or fill in a contact form.

**If you have a small group of friends who share a passion for photography and would like to book a day’s group workshop, please get in touch! Please note; Maximum group amount is four students.
There is a discount for groups of three or four, requesting a day’s group workshop, please fill in a contact form for further information**